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The Twilight Saga, Post Breaking Dawn Role Playing Game
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DECEMBER 2010 - Now Re-Casting. Please check the characters section for available roles & contact Bella or Carlisle
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 Patrol is different now

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PostSubject: Patrol is different now   Thu Dec 16, 2010 10:39 pm

It wasnt the same now as it was before, thing were different, we as a pack were different! Jake was always off with that half breed, sure she was cute but oh my god was she annoying! I need the fight, i miss the adrenaline that the knowing that vampires would be invading again gave us, gave me!

I was on patrol again tonight i had no idea who i was on patrol with but i was looking forward to it. I wanted to find just a small sniff of smelly repugnant vampires, i hoped for it each night.

I heard someone approaching and i jogged out of the front room ready to meet them. I looked around but i saw no one... weird! I turned to go in thats when i knew i wasnt alone. My sences were off tho who was this person friend or foe, what was my problem i could always tell who was there but my sences were off and i was feeling weird.
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Patrol is different now
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