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The Twilight Saga, Post Breaking Dawn Role Playing Game
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PostSubject: Running   Fri Jun 04, 2010 11:49 pm

Running. Lilly has spent the last few hours running. Just running and running, as fast as her feet could carry her. She was far away from her house now, but she needed to go further. No where would be far enough to let her feel secure again, and still she ran.

Her parents' faces were blurs now. They had been snatched, she was sure of it. And whoever, or whatever it was had left her on her own. It was worse than if they had snatched her too. Much worse.

Eventually she tripped over a large tree root and her ankle twisted painfully. Tears welled up in her eyes quickly but she choked back sobs. Lilly wouldn't cry. She had not cried in years.

Curling up on the forest floor, she breathed quickly, trying to get her breath back. But as she tried to stand, she fell onto the leaves. She was just about to give up hope when she heard a twig snap.

Startled, she shot her head up, trying to see if there was anyone (or anyhting) around. More fear shot through her and Lilly realised she was not alone.
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