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The Twilight Saga, Post Breaking Dawn Role Playing Game
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DECEMBER 2010 - Now Re-Casting. Please check the characters section for available roles & contact Bella or Carlisle
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Embry Call

Embry Call

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Waiting Empty
PostSubject: Waiting   Waiting EmptySat Mar 13, 2010 1:21 am

Embry pawed the ground close to the treaty line, the dirt coming up under his paws, as he waited and waited...and waited and then did some more waiting. Leah looked like she'd just swallowed drain cleaner, and her tail was twitching uncomfortably.
Dammit, Jacob, she was growling. What if Sam hurts him for this?
Aw, calm down, Leah, Seth said, nudging his sister gently. He won't do that. Leah's response was to kick dirt in her younger brother's face.
Embry just let it go. He figured that he had no business messing in sibling fights. Besides, those two were just as wound up as he was.
And Quil wasn't doing much better at the moment, pacing this way and that and looking as uncomfortable as he would be if he had something shoved up his ass.
Hey! Quil barked, knocking him in the shoulder. At least I'm not digging like a dog.
Embry pushed a large mound of dirt right up into Quil's face, and the other wolf spluttered.
Stop it, you two! Leah growled. Pay attention! Keep focused and try and get Jacob's scent.
Embry groaned inwardly. This was ridiculous. They should be able to go get Jake, but then Jake had ordered them not to come. He hadn't changed the order either, so they were stuck here, being useless.
Now fuck that, he thought along with the other four. But then Jake was his Alpha, so he couldn't.

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Embry Call

Embry Call

Posts : 558
Join date : 2010-03-11

Waiting Empty
PostSubject: Re: Waiting   Waiting EmptySat Mar 13, 2010 3:12 am

Okay, this is getting just ridiculous, Embry growled after about five minutes of fighting. We need to at least go sniff around and see if we can still smell Sam and Jacob. We can do that, right? He looked to Leah to see what Jacob's Beta had to say.
Sure, you can do that, Embry, she said. You're the one with the best sense of smell.
Awesome, he said, leaping up to his feet instantly. Finally, they could do something! With that, he ran off into the woods.

OOC: To the Woods.
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