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The Twilight Saga, Post Breaking Dawn Role Playing Game
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DECEMBER 2010 - Now Re-Casting. Please check the characters section for available roles & contact Bella or Carlisle
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 The shapeshifters

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PostSubject: The shapeshifters   The shapeshifters EmptySat Feb 13, 2010 12:04 am

Jacob had been tracking the new scent for days. It was differrnt, something he had never smelt before. But it was not a bad scent. IT didnt come across as hostile to him. The pack had tracked it across the res, down the river and into the Cullens territory but they needed sleep. So it was up to Jacob to carry on tracking. There were now technically 2 packs on Quillette land. His and Sams although they cooperated with each other they each had seperate charges who talk orders only from their alpha. Not that Jacob EVER gave orders to his pack, he liked them to have their own free will, just as he wanted.
He tracked the strange scent to the cullens house. It looked empty although he could tell the bloodsuckers had only just left. He could smell Renesmees scent above everyone elses. His little Renesmee. He had imprinted on her but it was not what he had expected. The others who had imprinted were all completely obsessed by their "soul mates" knowing that they would be together one day but Jacob could not see that for him and Nessie. He just wanted to protect her like she was something very precious and he wanted her to be happy and have a good life, like an older brother and thats what he saw himselfg as, and he couldnt imagine seeing otherwise. Maybe it was different for them because she was not completely human, she was half vampire.
Jacob was unsure what to do now, he could tell that the scent he was tracking was still their, and it seemed that whoever or whatever it was was still inside the house. But should he go in or would that piss the leeches off? Oh well - go in it was then. He didnt want them to be in danger cos that meant that Bella (although she could now look after herself) and Nessie might be in danger and he was not having that.
He crept slowly up to the door and pushed it open. It was not locked, it was never locked, who needed locks when you had superhuman senses?
Whoever it was was definately still here. Upstairs, apparently in some sort of distress. Maybe he had got it wrong. Maybe the vamps were still here and had found the intruder.
He ran up the starirs taking 3 at a time with his long muscular legs. 3rd floor.
He walked confidently up to the door the noises were coming from, butg it seemed to be only one voice and he could definatelyu only get one scent. It was sweet but animalistic at he sametime, maybe they had got a pet cat.
"Humph" he laughed to himself, a cat would not last 5 minutes in this place, they would eat it, or at least suck it dry anyway.
He slowly pushed the door open and what he saw left him speechless.
Lying on the floor in front of him, fast asleep and apparently having anightmare was a beautiful young woman, wrapped up in a thin blanket that barely covered her obvious womanlyness. She was stunning with long straight white hair and perfect pale skin. Then he looked down, ok maybe not so perfect. Silver scars covered a lot of her arms and back, and he guessed looking at her probably the rest of her aswell.
And she was obviously having a nightmare. but that smell, she wasnt human, or at least he didnt think she was. And she wasnt a leech, they smell disgusting. So what was she?
He was curious. He closed the door again when she thrashed iun hersleep revealing more of her body than she would probably want a stranger to see. She was definately gorgeous tho, no question about it. He was reluctant to leave.
He crept down to the first floor and took a seat on the sofa, oh well, he would just wait here till either she woke up or someone came home. Maybe thn he would get the answers he was looking for.
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Wolf Pack
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PostSubject: Re: The shapeshifters   The shapeshifters EmptySat Feb 13, 2010 12:26 am

Anna had only been asleep a few minutes when something woke her. A door closing or maybe squeaking on the stairs. In a way she was relieved, her dream wa not exactly pleasant. She heard a noise form downstairs, thanks to her accute hearing.
She quickly threw off her blanket that she was wrapped up in and threw the borrowed clothes back on and went to the door of her room. It was open slightly. She could have sworn that she had closed it.
She tiptoed down the stairs as quietly as she could, which tahnks to her intense military training was pretty damn quiet. n o human could hear her.
She peeked round the corner just above the first floor. There was a funny masculine smell coming from whatever was down there. It smelt familiar, musky. An image came into her head of AListair, her dead shapeshifter dog boyfriend. It bought a tear to her eye.
There was only one person that meant could be downstairs and it looked like she was going to meet him alone. The last time she had seen any shifters was on Eista and she had killed the majority of them. ANd they terrified her.
She started to hyperventilate. She walked down the stairs. He was huge. At least 7ft tall and built like a brick wall. Wow. He was definately stunning. Like the complete opposite to her. He had dark hair, dark skin, dark eyes and was broad, and according to her new friends, a wolf, a dog. She was plae, slender had long white hair an d was a panther, a cat. Oh boy this would be interesting.

"ummmmm hi?"
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The shapeshifters
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