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 Everything has gone to crap

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Sam Uley

Sam Uley

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PostSubject: Everything has gone to crap   Mon Apr 05, 2010 11:01 am

Sam was furious. He had spent a week, only 1 week giving his fiance some attention after finding out he was going to be a father and everything had gone to crap.
Jacob had gone off with another girl after declaring that he had imprinted on his wife, a half-wamp/half shifter and she was his "Emily". Sam was incredibly insulted by that. Sam could never cheat on Emily. But Jacob was happy. So he had to de4al with that. but he ahd also gone off on holiday for 2 weeks without telling Sam and leaving Sam to deal with Jacobs pack yet again. One of whiom had apparently imprinted on a full Vamp and invited her to l;ive on the res, apparently with JAcobs permission. Permission which was not his to give. Jacob had chosen not to be alpha of the res. That was Sams responsibilty. And he was not having a leech living there. No matter how friendly the two sides had become. The other people, non-wolves should not have to deal with that. It was not fair on them. If Embry wanted to live with ehr, he would just have to find somewhere else to live.

Sam phased and cvalled out to his pack, roaring with fury to let Jacobs pack know he wanted them to. And he was not taking no for an answer. They needed some discipline and reminding who was in charge here.
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Everything has gone to crap
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